Juhta products have been manufactured in North Karelia for 35 years. Since 2007 Juhta products have been manufactured in modern production premises at Salpakatu 2 in Joensuu. Another Juhta manufacturing unit is located in Kitee. Juhta factory outlets are situated in Joensuu and Kitee.

In addition to domestic origin Juhta plus trailers are known for their high and uniform quality, ensured by ISO 9001 certification and regular third-party quality control (e.g. Trafi)​​. Juhta products can be distinguished by a local presence and long experience. Juhta trailers have been produced about 30 000 units.

Production, sale and management are in local hands and it guarantees the quality of self-control and product development. Customers’ experiences have also, among other things, contributed to product development. New products include e.g. dog houses and dog kennel panels, garbage sheds, small game traps, as well as media products. Mediapaja (media workshop) is located in same premises with Juhta sale in Joensuu. Now, in addition to a new trailer, under the same roof can be obtained new advertising decals, both for a car and a trailer. This is also the place where the company gets a consistent look to web-pages as well as to business cards, brochures, advertising decals and working clothes.

Juhta Ltd has been approved as a new company to the expanding Job bank trial from 1.9.2012. Juhta Ltd employs partially incapacitated and long-term unemployed workers. As a new activity, Juhta Ltd also hires labor to its corporate clients, according to their needs at any given time. After the rental employment has completed the worker can return to Juhta Ltd. In the future, it is a target that temporary workers will be provided with permanent employment in client companies. Become familiar with Juhta product family in Products -site!