Boggie Juhta Plus 750 KTKL

Boggie Juhta Plus 750 KTKL


Gross weight (trailer and load): 750 kg
Carrying capacity: 510 kg
Unladen weight: 240 kg
Internal dimensions of the platform: 295 x 132 cm
Height of boards: 25 cm
Total length: 434 cm

  • Hot-dip galvanized frame
  • Tipping platform
  • Leaf springs and shock absorbers
  • Boggie
  • Cam wheel and standard gas spring of trailer tipping
  • Hinged tailboard with plywood, frontboard also removable when covered with HD-PE-plastic top


HD-PE-plastic top 70 cm and HD-PE-plastic top 100 cm, additional boards 25 cm and trailer tarp

20 year coating guarantee for a frame